This is a general list- if there is something you need, just ask and I will try my best to accommodate.

Shopping-  Groceries, Gifts

General Errands- Banking, Post Office, Dry Cleaning, Prescriptions, Library

Waiting Services- Home Repairs, In line- event tickets etc.,  Car repairs 

Transportation- To and from Doctor Appointments with a waiting escort, To and from events/luncheons/dates with a waiting escort 

Business Services- Courier, Meal Delivery, Office supply pick up, Banking, Post office

Home Based Services- Organizing/De-clutter, Paperwork, Bills, Address Holiday/thank you cards, Laundry, Meal plan/prep, Schedule/Coordinate daily activities or appointments, Schedule/Coordinate home services or repairs, Calendar management, Online research/ordering, Home checks when out of town- mail/pets etc., Daily check ins/companionship- in person or over phone

Pet Services- Vet appointments, Pet store

Travel/Event/Party Planning- Pricing to be discussed